The Millennium
Multi-Zone System Mainframe

The Millennium is the all-in-one system mainframe for the Millennium System. It can connect to a wide array of keypads and accessories, making a true custom installation "System". As many as eight components can be distributed to up to six independent zones. If you require more zones, additional Millenniums can be added for up to 36 zones. The Millennium includes everything; component selectors per zone, preamplifiers and EQs per zone, power amplifiers per zone, component IR control, component AC switching...everything for a real multi-zone system. Unlike other entry level multi-zone systems, the Millennium permits full control of all areas directly from its front panel. This makes the Millennium an ideal audio distribution system for commercial applications, where only speaker wires have been run.

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Better than Any Other System In Its Class

The Millennium is better than most other systems in its class because of its simplistic control format, ability to handle as many as eight components, and most important, its sound quality. Since sound is such a critical factor at ADA, it should come as no surprise that the Millennium blows the other systems away when it comes to sound. The secret is in both the amplifier and the preamplifier. Since ADA has a reputation for outstanding preamp and amp designs, including award winning esoteric components, ADA has found ways to incorporate these high-quality circuits in its more common and less expensive multi-room systems. The end result is both superior sound through preamplification that is noise free and power amplification that is stable down to 2 Ohms per zone, capable of powering up to four pair of 8 Ohm speakers per zone (24 pair per Millennium).

For Homes Already Wired With Speakers

If you are thinking about music throughout your house, already live in the house, and have had the house prewired for speakers and volume controls, you can just add a Millennium and not run a single extra wire. If a ten or twelve conductor control cable is run to the volume control (keypad) location, you can easily add any one of the various Millennium controls. Even if you don't have the control cable needed for the Millennium's keypads in place, just adding a Millennium will permit you to turn rooms on only as needed, select a source component, adjust a room's volume level, as well as power all your speakers with great sounding audio, all directly from the front of the Millennium. Just have the Millennium connected to your existing speaker wires and your components. That's all it will take. Please bear in mind, that all control functions will need to be performed from the front of the Millennium, but that's what you are probably doing already.

For Commercial_Business Use

The Millennium is also ideal for businesses, such as, offices, bars, restaurants, medical suites, gyms, salons, corporate facilities, tanning salons, sea vessels, banquet halls, and store locations. In many cases, these facilities have already been wired with speakers to some closet location. As such, simply replacing the electronics currently running this type of system, with just the Millennium, will provide everything one would need for a centrally controlled audio system. Imagine turning sections of a dining room, office suites, or examination rooms, on and off independently from the front of the Millennium, where each room could listen to its own component. Since the Millennium includes the source selector, preamplifier, and power amplifier, and since it can power as many as six zones, a single Millennium will provide you with its sound and lifelong (can't break it) operation. Best of all, anyone without a Ph.D. in electronics can easily engage rooms, adjust sound levels, and choose a component. Anyone.

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