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Regardless of what type of speakers you are using or planning to use in your home theater, be assured that the best possible way to provide power to them is through evenly matched channels of amplification. This is a critical specification of Lucasfilm THX and an essential aspect to building the best possible sounding home theater system. At ADA, this little tidbit is taken for granted as we only manufacture multi-channel power amplifiers for use in home theaters. Furthermore, you will also want to make certain that you have more power than your speakers can handle. This leads some to think that you can damage your speakers if the amplification can exceed the speaker's power handling capabilities. While this is somewhat true, there are worse things that can happen if your power amplifier is inadequate. In such situations, if you are trying to raise the volume of your system, you could cause your power amplifier to engage into "clipping". Under these conditions, a power amplifier will no longer provide the "sine" like frequency waves that speakers normally see but rather, the amplifier will deliver "square" waves. It is these square waves that most typically destroy the speaker driver, causing the magnetic speaker coils to rupture. At ADA, our philosophy is based on the concept that the amplifier should more than adequately power the speakers. And since power requirements will vary from system to system, ADA offers three different multi-channel power amplifiers, each one designed to provide clear, clean, power, evenly to all speakers. If you are uncertain as to what speakers to use, we strongly suggest consulting an ADA Custom Installation P rofessional or auditioning speakers in any number of ADA Home Theater Show Rooms.

If you wish to get more information on ADA's PTM-650, PTM-6150, or MPA-500, Multi-Channel power amplifiers, you can simply click on the model number of choice. If you are looking for a particular amplifier based on power output you can select these models using ADA's "Watts per Channel" Tachometer on the dashboard below.

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